Leaders are responsible for leading the horses for the riders during their lessons. They are directly responsible for both the rider’s, as well as the horse’s safety at all times. To properly and safely lead the horse, a leader must keep their rider’s and sidewalker’s safety in mind by communicating with both the rider and sidewalker when necessary. They help the rider focus on the instructor’s cues, and aid the rider only when necessary by cueing the horse. Volunteers should always help to promote as much of the rider’s independence as possible. Leaders must pay attention and always be aware of their surroundings and potential hazards (vehicles, other horses, other people, objects, etc.) and must act safely and accordingly.


  • Must be able to lift up to 40 lbs
  • Must be able to comfortably walk up to 5 miles in one day
  • Must be able to withstand all weather types: fluctuating winter weather, and heat up to 95 degrees


  • Weekday volunteers: A minimum of 5 hours per week within the first six months
  • Saturday volunteers: A minimum of 50 hours total within the first six months
  • All volunteers:
    • Must attend an orientation and complete all required paperwork
    • Must attend a Training


  • Training is comprised of the following job trainings:
    • Leading
    • Sidewalking
    • Horse Handling when Grooming and Saddling
    • Rider Relations
    • Emergencies
  • Upon completion of Training, volunteers are then allowed to assist in the riding program, and to assist with ranch maintenance duties
  • Trainings are provided quarterly, and all volunteers interested in a training must sign up in advance
  • Volunteers must attend the scheduled training in its entirety