Rising Star Riders, a non-profit, is always looking for volunteers. Do you have an interest in helping?

We also offer Fundraiser’s throughout the year where donations are accepted.  Volunteers are always appreciated.  We cannot provide our service without the dedication of our volunteers.  Volunteer opportunities include helping with riding lessons by sidewalking, grooming or leading the horse.  Volunteers also can help with cleaning horse corrals, making phone calls, creating fliers, organizing fundraising, writing grants, and coordinating lessons.

Volunteers are needed for:

 Highly motivated individuals who bring leadership and nonprofit experience
 in development and fundraising to serve on the Board of Directors.

 Competent and dedicated volunteers who will continue in an ongoing capacity and
 are available at least 2 hours per week.

Please contact us through phone 661) 532-TROT (8768) or email kellyrsriders@gmail.com